8. Vintage style homify / Amarillo Interiorismo modern Kitchen by Amarillo Interiorismo The timber cabinets, and a neutral colour palette expressed best through the greys and browns of the backsplash, see this kitchen take the best of seventies decor and recontextualise it for a modern setting. 10. Unvarnished timber homify / L2 Arquitetura modern Kitchen by L2 Arquitetura Timber naturally has a lot of character provided by the organic variation in the tone and hue of the woodgrain, making it a decorative element all its own. Pair it with black and white, as well as the fantastic wall tiles, and you have a dynamic and exciting kitchen! 9. A summer dream homify / Perfect Space classic Kitchen by Perfect Space With bright summery yellows, lime greens, and a backsplash featuring an image of lush grass to match the timber cabinets, this kitchen has a natural vibe that will make you feel like you’re having a picnic in the park! 11.


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